Our Resources


Branch Civil offers a wide range of civil construction services. Our payroll comprises over 600 personnel, including managers, engineers, field supervisors, equipment operators, and various other support staff. Individuals involved with managing Branch Civil supply the company with a wealth of experience and capabilities, as well as a firm grasp of the design-build procurement method.


Valued at over $70 M, Branch Civil’s model equipment fleet currently includes over 1200 major pieces of heavy equipment and over 1100 pieces of small and support equipment.

Branch Civil operates two modern Maintenance and Support Facilities that include mechanics, lube specialists, transportation coordinators, and equipment maintenance managers. Our full-service paint shop attends to both our fleet vehicles and heavy equipment, and our welding shop performs custom fabrication and repairs. Owning these on-site repair facilities enables us to maintain our equipment and its attention on your job.


Our innovative technological resources include GPS and UTS, plan and data modeling, sock drains, underground storm water retention, and recycled material crushing sites, all of which serve to save manpower, cut costs, reduce waste, preserve resources, and increase efficiency.