Maysville Bypass Update |

Maysville Bypass Joint Venture between Balfour Beatty and E.V. Williams, Inc. will manage to complete 4 bridges this year, cover 15% of grade with asphalt, and process approx. 25% of the embankment.  The 2017 calendar year is looking promising with 10 structures scheduled to be under construction.  In conjunction with 4 additional borrow pits being underway… Read more »

Branch Highways, completes more than 8 miles of the new Route 58 Corridor  |

Branch Highways, Inc. has yet again completed another major Project for the US Route 58 Corridor!  The 8.2 mile segment in Carroll, Floyd and Patrick Counties, Phase III Laurel Fork, was substantially completed on 7/14/2016 and final completion was on 9/13/2016.  This was Branch’s fifth construction season on the project, with recent and final work… Read more »